What is Interclub Competition?


 Interclub Competition is an ongoing series of image competitions between camera clubs around the world, organized by the Photographic Society of America (PSA).  All participating camera clubs must be members of the PSA.

It should be emphasized that PSA interclub competition is between camera clubs, not between individual camera club members.  It is completely separate from member competition within our Club (Delaware County Camera Club - DCCC).  If you wish to compete as a member within our club, click here.

Interclub Competition is a relatively new activity for our Club; we started competing at this level just last year.  PSA Interclub Competition is organized in 5 categories: Open, Nature, Photojournalism, Phototravel, and Creative.  However, at present, our Club is participating in Open and Nature categories only.  This may change in the future to include additional categories, if group interest increases.

In each category, there are several rounds of competition throughout the year.  Each participating club submits a small number of worthy member images (usually 6) to each round.  Our club Board of Directors appoints members as judges to choose member images (usually from those winning Honors in competitions over the past year) that they feel will do well in the PSA Interclub rounds.

Once submitted to PSA, all images are scored by a panel of PSA judges and high-scoring images are given acceptance awards.  

The scores and awards (if any) for all submitted DCCC images are tabulated at DCCC Interclub Image Submissions/Scores (under the Interclub Competitions tab).  From this page, you can also click on links that will take you to PSA’s Interclub webpage which shows the award-winning images from all clubs in each category.  

We also have Galleries (again under the Interclub tab) showing all submitted DCCC images for Interclub Open and Nature categories.

So far, DCCC has competed in 3 Open rounds and one Nature round. Several of our images have won acceptance awards, and overall our Club has done well vis a vis other clubs, ranking 3rd in the Open category.

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