2017-2018: Images Submitted by DCCC to PSA Interclub Competition with Scores


DCCC is competing in 2 categories of PSA Interclub  competition (for now) – “PID Interclub – Open” and “Nature Interclub”.

For Open:

Round 1 (all images from last year Honors Competition):

The Raptor                          Scott Kemper                    12           Award

Convergence                      Jessica Giannone              10          

The Creepy House             Bruce Neumann                10          

Malachite Kingfisher         Michael De Rosa               12           Award

Casting House                   Beth Dhunjisha                 10          

Church in Fira                    Socrates Maritsis                9

Awarded images can be seen here:  https://psa-photo.org/index.php?2017-18-pid-interclub-round-one


Round 2 (all images from September Open Competition):

Ben Franklin                      Alison Kelly                         10

Lone Biker                         Bruce Neumann                 11

The Lake Awakes              Heather Mazur                   11           Award

Natural Window               Jessica Giannone               10

Itsy Bitsy Spider                Konrad Jones                    11

Crabby Ibis                       Scott Kemper                    11           Award

Awarded images can be seen here:  https://psa-photo.org/index.php?2017-18-pid-interclub-round-two

After Round 2 we’re 4th – 5th overall  (two clubs with the same score)


Round 3 (most of the images are from November Open competition, Bob’s image is from September):

Marsh Creek Hazy Sunrise                          Bob Siravo 10

Smoking Raptor                                          Scott Kemper 11 Hon. Mention

Falling Droplet Dancers                              Mark Aksoy 10

Light and Shadows in the Palouse             Lois Mauro 13 Award

Stilt Walker                                                 Beth Dhunjisha 10

Mesa Arch                                                  Jessica Giannone 10

Awarded images can be seen here:  https://psa-photo.org/index.php?2017-18-pid-interclub-round-three

Overall, we finished 3rd in our Group (Group E) for the 2017-18 year!


For Nature:

We started from Round 2 this year (all images are from October Nature competition):

Myrtos Beach Sunset           Socrates Maritsis                    7

Totality                                 Robert Clark                         10

Frick and Frack                     Bruce Neumann                   12

Taking Cover                       Lois Mauro                             9

The Moose                          Oleg Sokolsky                        9

Razorbills Mating                Valentina Sokolskaya           12

Awarded images can be seen here:  https://psa-photo.org/index.php?2017-18-nd-interclub-round-two


Round 3:

Wave Reflections                     Scott Kemper                      11

SnowLeopardMaya                  Valentina Sokolskaya         12

Anxiety                                    Oleg Sokolsky                      9

Cormorant with Breakfast       Scott Kemper                     11

Spiky Spider                            Oleg Sokolsky                      9

First Meal of the Day              Lucie Seaman                       7

Awarded images can be seen here:  https://psa-photo.org/index.php?2017-18-nd-interclub-round-three



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